Saturday, July 30, 2011

Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Children's Famine in the Horn of Africa- Knitting Projects

Last Wednesday started pleasantly by meeting my fellow teachers at a local bakery and catching up on each other's lives. This is a tradition that began years ago but it has become something to look forward to. One would think teachers wouldn't want to see each other over their short time off but it seems we share more interests than teaching. Many are crafters and bloggers and despite the various ages we have real friendships. We love to hear about the summer adventures each of us are having and the little vacations our families are taking. One of the ladies is pregnant so we are all involved in her baby's progress week to week. School matters come up sometimes because the recent budget changes have caused job losses and necessarily new assignments for some teachers. We support each other. Today's meeting was the first one I attended for a couple of weeks because I have had a seriously sick cat. He is progressing great so I allowed myself to be gone for several hours today. We met near a craft shop so two of us went over afterward to see what they had that was new. I promised myself not to spend money (or at least not  much). I found a new kind of yarn by Bernat that promises $30,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure from the purchase. Visit Bernat Yarn  to learn more about how they help various charities.How could I resist buying it? It was a clever new yarn that looked fun to knit and it also donated to a favorite charity.

You may know, if you read an earlier blog, that my sister in Maryland had a mastectomy in April. Our mother also had breast cancer so it is a charity that is close to my heart. I listed a pink bracelet on my etsy shop at that time with a donation of all profit to Susan G. Komen. You can see it here My cancer awareness bracelet.

When  I came home with my purchase I completely ignored the crochet project I was working on during our chat at the bakery, and I got out my brand new pink yarn, read the directions, and got started, of course I adjusted what I was making to my own pattern. I was planning how I would feature this as an item with proceeds going to SGK. Since the yarn manufacturer had already donated  I could add even more by donating the profit from my project. I was well into the knitting when a news report came on the TV about the Children's  Famine in the Horn of Africa.
Two million children are at risk. I was reminded of the money I spent on a delightful pastry and special coffee this AM when we met to talk.  Think how that money could have been better used for a child who was starving. Shaking off guilt and determining to just move forward I came up with a plan. My mind went to the possibilities of getting the word out through this blog and my etsy connections. I began planning a treasury on etsy that would feature only shops that have an item that has proceeds going to charities and maybe I can convince some people to feature the children if they don't already have a charity in mind. So the next step is to post a discussion thread on my teams asking for only items that give the profit to charity. From those items I will create a treasury that will be seen by many people , this will encourage sales on items that give up the profit and even people who don't buy will be reminded of the fact that they can help and they may donate to a charity of choice.

Knitting and crocheting are hobbies for me . Over the years I have made many prayer shawls and donated them to people needing a blessing for something in their lives. Making things for charity comes naturally. The etsy shop was created so I could keep enough funds coming in to keep up my hobbies. I feel something handmade is twice blessed. Once in the making and once in the giving.

If you are a beginning knitter or crocheter you might give some of your practice projects to the local animal shelter. I am told dogs love to have hand knit blankets. The softness of the blanket protects them from the cold damp floor and it is infused with the human smell from your handling it while creating it. They don't mind missed stitches, unevenness or even unmatched yarns. If you are an animal lover consider this.Knitting love for animals.

I hope that reading this you have been reminded of the blessings you have and some ways to share your bounty. Many etsy shops have the giving attitude. If you buy an item from one of these shops you can be reminded every time you look at the beautiful handmade creation that you are blessing and giving someone in need. It seems like a win-win scenario. Show the world you care today and leave a comment to encourage others to do the same.

Here is a treasury featuring artists who are donating proceeds to many important causes. Find a beautiful item or two and give to a great cause.  Giving-treasury

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  1. I love this!! Great blog and all fabulous ideas. Count me in on your venture to raise money for the starving children in Africa. I would love to participate!!