Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where Did June GO?

Teachers live in the fantasy that they have summer . (People think we have 3 months) In reality we have a few days in June, all of July and a few days in August off. This year I didn't plan a house project. Usually I have a room I tear up an re-do which keeps my house in chaos. This year I decided to give myself a break. I want to craft and coupon and save some time to visit my sister in Maryland and help her out.

Here we are July 5, How am I using this precious time? I did get my skylight replaced in my garden room so it doesn't leak out there every time it rains. This allows me to arrange the furniture in some fashion other than to avoid the leaks. It is amazing to see the possibilities once that restriction was removed. That room isn't finished but usable now.I want more time to craft.

 I have crocheted some scarves and I am quite pleased with a pattern I made myself. I have many items to photograph for etsy and I really want to spend some time cleaning up the look of the shop. I want to really look at which items sell and maybe remove some items that don't show interest. I belong to some teams now that give my shop some exposure so I really want it to show beautifully. I am excited because my items are featured in several treasuries a day. I love having time to do the projects I want to do and I have discovered bead embroidery I want to try next. I looked it up because I kept seeing items on etsy that I like made this way. My friend Ruth is teaching herself how to do bead weaving. I am not sure I have the patience for that. She made a beautiful necklace. I will see if I can get a picture of it to show here.

The goal of couponing isn't getting very far. I am not sure I have the interest to follow through. I do cut and file them and I watch my favorite blog. I am more aware of good buys and so I haven't given up on it but I will never care enought to get extreme. Maybe once I get one of those deals that brings me an item free I will get excited. I would love to hear comments from people who do this successfully, maybe it will renew my drive to cut and coupon.

I would like to do a give-away on my blog. I need soem more followers to make this work. Give me some feedback about how to do this.

My summer visit to my sister Linda, in Maryland  neeeds to be coordinated so I can begin accomplishing my desires in this short vaction time. This needs to be coordinated with my other sister Sharon. I think we want to travel together.

Summer is short but that is what makes it special!

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