Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life's Artistry

Today I was helping my friend Ruth set up her blog. This is truly the techno inept encouraging the equally inept. I confess I needed help setting my own blog and still rely on my DIL to help me out occassionally.

 We spent a long time coming up with the name of her blog considering the purpose and fumbling through the set- up over the phone. The purpose of the blog is to speak about life as a retired  mother of a handicapped child (grown but living at home)and fitting in time to create. She has an etsy site she would like to promote too  .

Ruth and I  talk frequently about the art of life' balance, keeping things in harmony and how this is more art than science. We both do many crafts and artistic pursuits. She is braver and goes right for the hardest projects while I prefer things that show immediate gratification.We have similar taste in color and we rely on each other when making choices in design for our homes and art projects. She is trained in the arts while I am self trained.

The other thing we have in common is our relentless pursuit of getting this "life thing" balanced. Time management, and organization are challenges for both of us. We often call each other to encourage or otherwise force each other forward on projects whether it be an art project or a closet that needs cleaning. We both have other disractions stealing our interest and time. It is really good to have friends who keep us honest with ourselves about our own issues and bad habits. This is what we are.

Life is an art, a balancing act and an experiment which sometimes needs tweeking on a minute by minute basis. I am learning there are no rules except the ones I make (just like design). It can be colorful or dull. I can stay inside the lines or draw my own. Just so it is pleasing to me. When it isn't pleasing I can remake it or adjust it to make it more pleasing.

We decided her blog should be LIFE's ARTISTY, I hope you will go and read her blog and follow. I guarantee you will laugh and maybe occassionally mist up a bit as you follow her life as a newly retired baby boomer whose life is dominated by crafting and caring for a grown handicapped  child.

I hope as you work on this project, called life ,you will gain by reading our blogs and enjoying the beauty we create in spite of life's many challenges.

Follow Ruth's blog at:

Here is an example of her work


  1. Jo,
    Welcome to the blog and also to the Blogging Grannies team. I am now following your blog and find it very interesting.
    Have a great day!!

  2. Thank you. blogging Grannies seems to be a friendly team.