Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HELP!! Etsy Treasuries are Addicting !!

Ok, it isn't fair! I tried just a little one because I wanted to pay back the kind and generous people who helped me by featuring my bracelets on their treasuries.
I reasoned that I could show off the work of  my friends. It seemed altruistic because I couldn't feature my own work.
It was a little scary at first, but everyone else was doing it. Just a little one, so I just jumped in.  I did it! Awkward at first, but then the high set in. Someone saw it and complimented me. Someone even thought I was deep because it was clever (if they only knew it was a desperate attempt to connect all those diverse items that had no theme) I received convos from people who were grateful !

Whoohoo ! this is nice. Maybe I will try it again. This time, no restraints, just pick something pretty and go. All strangers, no restrictions to staying with friends items. This one goes fast, it is getting easy and even I think it is gorgeous and cohesive.
Then reality set in, this was supposed to help my friends ,not provide a high for me. So trying to justify my actions I went to a team I belong to , and picked the first 16 members and created something for them. This was good .They were all teachers, fine people who deserve some attention for their talents, and a bonus, there is a built in theme. Gratefulness descends again and now I can justify the habit.
It takes little now to justify my actions.

 Look at this reasoning.-- I had seen a beautiful vintage necklace I own, its twin was in an etsy shop. It was a treasure from my mother and I recalled how I played "queen " wearing this fabulous jewelry. Before I knew it ...there I was hunting items for my royal treasury.

Caught in the dream I couldn't stop! Gathering treasures must fulfill some basic need,(men hunt ,women gather,I am just following instinct right?) Many of these items I cannot afford, and I don't have room for any of them. Maybe it is like "window shopping"  with thousands of people. (Does anaylyzing count as justifying??? ) I don't understand it. I am losing control.

I would like to tell myself it is part of a business plan, a way of promoting my shop by helping others. Even I don't believe that. Lets face it. It is computer crack, more insidious than Farmville , facebook, or even ....can I say it???? blogging. I guess I must admit it. I am sure there will be a 12 step program or  a rehab center sooner or later, but for now you can see what it has done for me or to me  here.

I will try to list them in order so you can see the progression of the addiction.
2 days ago   http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4dd03180f5f78eef634187a6/the-recipe-for-life  my first  http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4dd053e5af976d91516609be/pretty-as-a-peacock  a little later that night
yesterday http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4dd1cad35ffa8eef76f77192/i-wonder-what-teachers-do-with-their
and now I am really out of control --today

I have no excuses --pray for me.


  1. hello thank you for commenting on my etsy post. you have a lovely blog and I agree about the treasuries being addicting!
    hope you have a lovely day I am now following you!


  2. LOL! This post cracked me up! I love your Seese of humor! ;) I though have not found them so addicting yet. I have received though that sense of high when my treasuries get noticed! I love reading your posts! They always bring a smile to my day! Thank you!