Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Letter to the WWW

Dear Word Wide Web or www as you prefer,

We have had our ups and downs  through the past years. I admit sometimes I have viewed you as a time gobbling monster, with no regard for all of the others in my life that deserve my time. Now, I realize, as in all relationships ,I am responsible for setting boundaries and when I do our relationship is better.

You know, my favorite pic of you is the one, often seen of a globe from space with your web composed of dots of light connecting across continents and vast oceans. This exemplifies how I see you at this point in our relationship, Now that I have matured and my infatuation is mellowed I see what a really great relationship we have. You give me great joy and so I want to share that with you.

Today I have been in touch with people not only across space, like a former e-pal in Australia, but also across time. I have connected with people I went to high-school with and kids in high school now ( former students)

They share moments of their lives both great and small . I have seen pictures of hummingbirds in the back yard, and new babies and grand kids and lots of new pets. I have shared frustrated posts of young peoples' first loves, difficult tests and driver training. I have witnessed many birthdays, graduation,first day of school, summer vacation photos and weddings. These are people who might not have shared these things with me otherwise.

You often bring a smile to me.Some people share a funny joke or saying .Many times I see a video of courage or a poster of encouragement. Because of you I see heartfelt posting of political or social causes and even when I don't agree, it does my heart good to know people still care desperately and are trying to change their world.

I have prayed for friends and strangers, more than I ever would have without you. I have received the blessings of prayers from countless numbers of friends and friends -of -friends because through you people found out I was battling cancer.Now that I am cancer-free I have been able to celebrate this with friends, relatives and even strangers who had similar experiences.

I find recipes and knitting instructions and tutorials through you. I have gotten organization and cleaning tips through blogs of strangers who are somehow better at that stuff than I am.Some of these even come from across the globe and the wonderful intricate skills of a foreign land are shared with me because now you translate. You have grown so smart, have I told you lately?

I have sold my handmade items on my Etsy shop, allowing me to be a part of a wedding or occasional gift while enjoying the pleasure of seeing my creativity grow. I have purchased on e-bay a enjoyed the thrill of the win.

So now our relationship is more mature.  I am still testing the reaches of your boundless treasures but I am determined to keep setting boundaries because I know how you jealously try to seduce me away from my real life of activity and in-person relationships.(Remember all of that time I spent building a virtual farm? ) I do recognize your place in my life and I just wanted to tell you I think I love you. Keep spreading your light-lines across the globe. Each line connects family, friends,and friends of friends in a unique way. Yes, today I will admit it I love you.I admit it across the whole world wide web to all my friends, family and friends of friends and former Farmville neighbors.


  1. Well said! I also have boundary issues in my relationship with www.

  2. Perfectly said, thanks for visiting my blog...