Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Listings

I enjoy putting new listings on Etsy, however I procrastinate. It requires photographing the item. Cropping and otherwise adjusting the photo for maximum benefit, and creating a listing. this is along process and when faced with the creative endeavor of making a new item or listing an old one I always create.
 Perhaps if I were more tech savvy it wouldn't become a chore. For example, yesterday I spent a long time arranging scarves on mannequin and photographing them. my phone has a pretty good camera so I was using it. I took pictures of over 20 items, each one from several views. I found the button to send them to my computer by email. I waited over an hour an checked, it was still loading. I waited another hour and text-ed my son to ask how long it should take. When I went to bed it still claimed to be sending (well it was a lot of photos I reasoned) Today G called me to see if I got them,he  reminded me to check the spam folder and told me about a new app I could look at to see if it was easier. I looked at the app , it had some poor reviews and I decided not to get it. I remembered the phone salesman had put his phone number in my phone in case I needed help. ( I am sure he occasionally regrets that) I explained and he problem solved. We looked at option and finally he said "Why don't you just plug your phone into your computer and upload (or is it download?) Of course I said, what was I thinking?!? It took about 5 seconds after that to get them in the file I needed to fix them before adding them to Etsy.
It took a couple of hours to write descriptions and choose photos for the shop but I finally added a few items. I will only add a few a day because the "New items window of opportunity" on the front page is just a few seconds when a new item is listed. I would like to have that opportunity several times, besides this listing part isn't the part that is fun.I also changed some of the shop message and appearance . It was on vacation when I was in treatment and healing. I will show you the new listings here:

Five new items and it only took me a few hours. Well, I guess I can hope I get better at the tech stuff with practice. I also added another Cancer Awareness treasury. this has been really rewarding. The items featured are from strangers but a lot of them email me to tell me how cancer has touched their lives either personally or though a family member. I was just trying to get a reminder out there each day but it has proved to be more than that.

Remember to take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Wow! I just flipped over to etsy to copy that link and someone has already featured my new pink scarf in a treasury. (That window of opportunity works!)

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  1. I struggle with the techie stuff, too. I hearted your Fight Like a Girl treasury and your beautiful pink ruffle scarf.