Friday, October 5, 2012

Fabric and Food - Two of my Favorite Hobbies

Yesterday I took my first quilting class.(Lee Sewing in Hickory) I don't know what I expected but it wasn't like a class. I guess too many years of dull education workshops had frazzled my brain. I was there early with the requested supplies in hand. I was looking at the other participants thinking maybe I brought the wrong kind of ruler or maybe they were really experienced quilters and I might hold everyone back. The store opened late (which I found out is standard) Everyone was helpful, friendly, and this was fun! I got to know people.It was real low key, no divas here or hot shots either. People loaned me eraser and pencil sharpener and other items they had brought from experience and I didn't know to bring. I began to learn about people's lives and everyone casually visited while we worked. I was hoping, before the class , that we might get out early like the instructor suggested, because our initial task was easy, but as we worked next to each other I found I didn't want to go home and work by myself. I liked the casual visiting, helpful hints and acceptance I was getting. Instead of leaving at 12. I stayed and worked alongside these wonderful women until nearly 3 pm.I found out some of these women just come and work together even when they aren't scheduled for a class. It was easy to see why.

I am still puzzled how they can afford to do these projects so often. Some are doing more than one at a time. The project I chose is a real budget buster for me, but I have wanted to learn to quilt for a long time so I decided to adjust some other things to give myself the experience. This quilt is really a wall hanging for Christmas and it has a lot of applique. It turns out to be way bigger than I had pictured in my mind. I am rethinking where it will be displayed. I am looking forward to working with these women again soon and I cannot say enough good things about the organization skills of the facilitator (Tammy).I am busy at home now with my tracing of pieces and keeping them organized. I have a lot of work to do before our next meeting but you can't really call it work when it is so much fun.

O Holy Night by Brenda Henning

Today I received the name of the person I will be sending food to on the Foodie Pen Pals project. My mission now is to contact the person within 72 hours for a shipping address, allergy information etc. My person has a rockin website of her own and I am trying to glean some information about her by reading it.

Once I have received all of the information I need and I know where it is going I will put the box together and get it sent. IT must go out in 15 days. We are not allowed to reveal the contents of the box we receive or the one sent until REVEAL DAY, Oct. 31. I am still looking for ideas so send them in to me here as a comment or by email.

It has not gone unnoticed by my heart that for the $15 I will spend for this box to a stranger, who can also afford $15 to send a box to a stranger, we could both be sending $15 to a charity to send food to someone in need. I also admit I may spend that much on eating out this week so I am telling my heart to shut -up and have some fun.hmm I still hear it, maybe I need to look into my heart in the nest few weeks and see how I can do both.

I hope each of you are exploring the things you have always wanted to do (or just found out you want to do).

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