Sunday, July 17, 2011

Facebook,Games,Etsy,Blog,What is Next?

It started so innocently I started a facebook page to catch up with my high school friends before our 45th reunion. I was unable to attend because it was after school started and I would be teaching.Facebook was a great experience and I reconnected with some wonderful people.Soon  facebook grew with my former students becoming friends. Later I added a facebook page for my classroom so my present students could keep up with assignments. Facebook became a part of my life.

At first when I started facebook I thought people on the games were wasting their time. I ignored all game requests. then one day I went to Farmville just to see what all these seeeming normal people were spending time on.I began building a virtual farm. It was fun and time consuming. It was especially fun on snow days when everyone was home and we were sending virtual pets to each other and I was building a bigger farm. I learned some things about economics that I never would have learned in real life because I cannot afford to gamble the assets in real life.

The next adventure in the techno sphere was to open an etsy shop. I had discovered etsy for buying some Christmas items on, so I was familiar with the site. My crafting friends at school sat me down and showed me how. My friend Bev had a shop called The Square Grammy. She features crocheted items she makes:
Like this great applique and cute little  amigurumi
Cool Dude Sunshine Embellishment/Applique
 like this adorable bunny 
Easter Bunny Amigurumi

We created my shop name together and when my photos were under par Becky got out her good camera and we learned together how to improve them. She has been photographing all of my jewelry items.
To my surprise my items started showing up on treasuries, which means someone (a curator) had chosen my item along with 15 other items to feature for people to view.
Suddenly I decided it is wiser to spend time on etsy than on virtual games. Reality won again.
I discovered treasury making as you can read on a an earlier blog.Now I can be a curator. It is like window shopping. Pick out your favorite items in  a theme or color and post it for the world to see. To learn more about etsy shops and promoting my shop I joined teams. Teams are groups of people who have something in common and they have discussion pages that have threads discussing everything from the weather to tips on selling or creating. Some of the teams are very formal while others are very friendly. Two of my favorite teams are Baby Boomers and Blogging Grannies. I have met some wonderful people on these teams and it enriches my life to interact with these people. I will feature some of these people on future blogs.

Speaking of blogging, - most of these teams people were discussing how it is essential to have a blog to promote your shop, however most of the people discovered they were continuing to blog because it was a great outlet sort of a variation on journal writing. I have begun to follow a lot of blogs and it is an informative and varied experience. My venture into the blogphere has been interesting. Today I was fortunate enough to be featured on a Blog created by a new friend in the Blogging Grannies Team.  She did a wonderful job promoting my shop.
Boomer Babies Upcycles
This is a wonderful article.

What is next? My friend Ruth is Tweeting now and she has suggested I try that. It seems I barely get one skill set started when I jump into the next one. I think I should learn more about what I am doing on my blog  first. No promises though. I certainly didn't master the other things before jumping forward.

Who would guess that the grannies of the world are immersed in the techno sphere? I bet more of us are living out there than most people would guess.I admit it never would have happened with out the encouragement and help of younger people, my son ,daughters in law and younger teachers from school.


  1. This is so true. Every techno step seems to open another! I have made the statement I draw the line at tweeting, but you just never know!

  2. I keep jumping in also. My problem is that there is just so much to do and so little time to do it. I love our little team Blogging Grannies also. I'm so excited that we have such nice people on this team.