Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Maryland ,Murphy and

I am planning to go to Maryland soon to visit my sister Linda. It has been a year since I have seen my other sister (Sharon) too. Sharon lives in the same state I do but it is 4 1/2 hours away and in the middle of nowhere (Murphy NC). We planned to travel together to Maryland to see Linda. Sharon is younger than Linda and me so she still has a young family of 3 children (the ages of my grand children) Being a widow, Sharon has full responsibility for the kids and coordinating babysitters, housesitter, catsitter for her was a problem. She has vision problems so we also had to coordinate someone to drive her 1/2 way over to me so we could travel the train together. She lives two hours from everywhere. We looked for trains, planes and busses from Atlanta, Asheville, and Chattanooga. We finally decided on a train that will leave from my part of the state. While trying to coordinate Sharon's journey. I was having my own problems getting the trip together. I have had a cat that has been sick and it is important that he get his meds and eat. I have worried about leaving him. His sistercat is a hog who pushes him out of the way and eats his food if I am not there to keep her away. My oldest son can always be counted on to drive me to the train 1 1/2-2 hrs away and he will be in Utah. Everyone else needs to be at work that early in the AM. I finally just decided to get my own ticket and pray. Almost immediately everything fell in place. cat sitters, babysitters housesitters, rides for both Sharon and me.

This next week should be full. I will enjoy my grandchildren's visit and we plan to sew. Tuesday we will go pick up Sharon in Asheville, NC. She has not been over in this part of the state for a few years. We have a lot to catch up on before we meet up with Linda in Maryland.

Before I go I want to get some bracelet packets together so I can knit on the 10 hour trip to Baltimore . It is easier to string the beads when I am not on a moving train. I am sure I won't need as much distraction on the trip since Sharon will be with me this time but I enjoy knitting to pass the time.

We plan to stay a week which is why housesitting was necessary. When we get to Linda's we are planning to help her get her house organized so it is easier for her to function. She has had 2 surgeries since April and even with a wonderful family who help out she would appreciate the help of her sisters. She said every trip to the hospital has brought more stuff into the house.

I am excited about spending some time with both of my sisters. When I return I will have very little time to get ready to return to school and in that time I have several appointments I must accomplish before I am back in the strict schedule of the school year.

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  1. Have a safe trip, Jo. Enjoy your time with your sisters.