Saturday, June 9, 2012

Snowflakes in June ?!?

It has been 6 months since I blogged, but I notice I correctly predicted I would be ready to blog again in June. If you are confused by my absence, go to This site contains a journal of my journey with cancer. It has been 6 months of treatments and I am cancer free now . I have had both chemo and radiation to ensure it won't return. It is remakable that a person can conquer cancer in 6 months. I owe that to many prayers by friends and God's grace.

My life is getting back to normal and I have been planning my projects to add to my etsy shop. I have some very energetic days and some that I just nap through. This is normal according to the doctors but I must learn  to accept it.

July 1st I will be officially retired. I can start easy because I will spend Mondays and Tuesdays with my grandgirls which is what we have done anyway for the past few years. When fall comes I may need to make some more adjustments, but for now it will be a lot like past summers but with more naps.

I have been exploring some projects to try on the Internet. My problem (being a Gemini) is choosing one thing to concentrate on. There are too many great possibilities. I am attracted to freeform knitting and crochet because it is portable and it would be a great way to learn new stitches for both forms of fiber arts. Besides that I just love the way completed projects look.

Only recently I have discovered I must do projects that are out of season in order to have them completed on time. If you are like me ,maybe this is timely, start in the summer , finish by winter
I recently finished a snowflake crochet  afghan project that I admired for months before I started it. I am a beginning , self taught ,crocheter. Sometimes I have to go back and review basic stitches before I begin. It was listed as an easy project, but the original directions had an error. When it was corrected it was listed as intermediate. Somehow I was finally able to complete it. It is a Redheart  "crochet along" with videos to help you or just download the free directions from the website.
Dusty Snowflake Throw

Redheart has a pretty model showing off the afghan. This is a beautiful afghan and worth the time spent on it but I wouldn't make one to sell it was too much work.

My DIL , Beth, made a snowflake afghan too. Hers was another free online pattern. I hope to make it one day too. Here is the link to a blog where you can get the free pattern. . These snowflakes have the proper 6 points if that matters to you.