Monday, January 9, 2012

Experiences are Blessings

I have a theory that life is for experiences. Many experiences we control by choices we make and then God allows some surprises that we never planned on . Of course the surprises seem to come in when we least expect them  and then our choice is how we react. I am blessed with a tremendous support system made up of my personal beliefs, my family, friends ,coworkers and even acquaintances I have gained from etsy and blogging.

When I went to Duke for the surgery it was a two day affair with 3 nights in Durham. One day was filled with procedures and preparations and a full day for the surgery, then I had a night recovery at the hotel before the 3hour drive returning. My oldest son took off from his busy work schedule to be with me. Everywhere I went the medical staff made me feel special and cared for. They commented about my calmness,  I credit all the prayers and hugs for that.

The surgery was minimally invasive. When I finally had a chance to look at it I was shocked by the small size of the incision and the small loss of tissue. They were able to remove the lymph node for testing from the same incision.I am experiencing minimal pain. It is a little hard being home and not able to clean or drive. I am right handed so crafting is delayed for a while too. I receive a lot of phone wishes and email support.

I will return to the surgeon on Friday to see how things look and how the tests came out. My daughter in law Beth is driving me this time. We will leave very early Friday AM. Continued prayers are appreciated.

Life is full of experiences , the trick is seeing them all as blessings,surely I will grow from this.