Sunday, May 15, 2011

It is a Treasure

Today I made my first etsy treasury. For my non -etsy fans, that is a collection of favorite items usually in a theme. Each treasury has 16 items so that means looking up a lot of items and their item numbers. I did it kinda backward because my goal was to repay some nice people who have featured my items on their treasury and also to feature some friends shops.

I found items I wanted first and then came up with a theme after. Believe me that is the hard way to do it. It is one of those trial and error things so I did a lot of both.

After creating this treasury I tried doing it the right way. I created a second treasury picking a theme and looked for tags that sent me to items I picked. That was definitely the easy way. It looks more cohesive too. The problem is I helped a lot of strangers sell their wares.  Next time I think I will send out a post on my teams with my theme and see if the will convo me with the item they have I could feature. I don't know if I am allowed to do that.
Here is the link for my first treasury (the one with people I know)

And the other one

I hope you enjoy them. comments are encouraged

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