Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Calling All Crafters Global Etsy Meet-Up - Not just for Etsy people

My friend Ruth and I are co-sponsoring a craft meet-up in June. This is a global affair with a local emphasis. "Think globaly act locally" isn't just for our environmental actions anymore. This is a celebration of creativity !We want this to be a meet-up for anyone in the greater Hickory area who likes crafts. We want everyone who wants to come, to feel welcome. Come and bring something you are proud of and/or something you are working on . We want to craft, share ideas, eat, drink and meet new people from our area.

My co-sponsor, Ruth, is an artist who loves to work with fabric, yarn and fibers. I finally convinced her to join etsy to showcase her work. Today she found out about this meet-up. We were actually hoping there was already a network and we coould attend their event. We were on the phone together finding our way through the event pages and finally decided we would just do it ourselves.We can make the event anything we want, so we are inviting all crafters.

We want feedback from potential attendees. This must be a simple affair because it is my last day of teaching with kids for the year, by then my energy is spent and I just want it to be a wind down day. We were thinking everyone could bring food or drink to share. When we know how many people plan to attend we will announce the location. Mark your calendar for June10, 2011 at 7pm and go call a friend or 2 and invite them.

If you craft and have cards or promo items bring them along, networking is good.
Bring something to show and something to work on.
We will announce more as we get organized. Please share your ideas with comments here or email me,or facebook comments and ideas.

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  1. sounds like a great idea...I spread the word to all the FB friendies.