Monday, May 2, 2011

Family Ties

Sunday was my granddaughter's birthday celebration. It was great fun for everyone. We went to a park and the kids had a great time in the old fashioned way that you don't see much anymore. Cell phones and computerized games nearly forgotten. No quarrels or scraped knees so I guess you can count that as a terrific celebration. Even Tippy the dog seemed to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and lucious grass.  A family friend's baby was there so she became the perfect model for my headbands. Her big sister got into the act too trying on a glittery headband. I hope to post those pictures soon.

Today was dinner with my youngest son and his wife. She is a genius so she helped me fix this blog up a bit and linked it to my facebook and etsy pages. We had a lot of fun catching up on each other's lives. Kristen's blog is a great one because she is such a good cook and she shares her thoughts and even her recipies. I linked her blog so you can follow it too. Pieces of the Seeses.

Tomorow my other son's family will come for dinner.I look forward to these time we get together once a week. It build's the family ties.

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