Friday, May 13, 2011

Big Week

A lot has happened since my last post. My sister Linda was readmitted to the hospital and it threw my world into a spin. This is the sister I wrote about in an earlier blog. We are very close although far apart geographically.This health problem is completely different and separate from the Cancer surgery she went through three weeks ago.

I went in to school Monday planning to be back in Baltimore next week. This took a lot of planning because next week is the week we give the state tests. I am scheduled to give tests and so everyone connected had to know. People must be trained to give the test and there are all kinds of state requirements that cannot be accomplished over night. All of my colleagues were understanding and the helpful. They set about immediately making contingency plans.When I finally got to talk to my sister it was clear she would not be home and needing help for some time so I could tell everyone at work to relax.I will go up and help out after school is out in June.

The students were excitable this week! I think the anticipation and fear of the test next week was affecting their behavior. When I say on my shop that I knit as a stress reliever and to maintain sanity it isn't just a catchy line. This week I was very grateful to have some creative pursuits to keep my mind off of the stressful moments of it.

There were many good experiences this week too. I had each of my son's and their loving families over for dinner and I made another sale on my etsy shop. I have finished 20 of the promo items and I received the business cards I ordered. I am taking time this weekend to rest, get caught up at home and do a little of my crafts for fun.

One of the things I am enjoying about etsy is the teams I joined. I joined them to promote my shop and learn more about how to bring it to the attention of others. The surprising thing is that I have found a whole community of artisan friends. I try to highlight some of them on facebook or introduce them to you here. Today I would like to tell you about

IF you know someone who would be interested ,I think you will find the Barbie fashions beautiful and reasonably priced.

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