Monday, April 25, 2011

Charm City Visit - Sisterly Love

Two weeks ago I went to visit my sister Linda in Pasadena, Md. (near Baltimore) It wasn't spring vacation time yet, but I took off a week to go and help her out during and after surgery. Before I left for the trip. I put together some materials in packets so I could work on bracelets while traveling and waiting at the hospital. Zip lock snack bags are perfect for this. It keeps materials together and keeps everything organized.

I rode the train and even though I had my " nook" to read  and my computer with me, the time passed quickest when I worked on my knitting. Many of the bracelets are pink and themed with a cancer ribbon because that is where my mind was most of the time. I plan to add some of these to items to my shop and have proceeds go to Cancer research. I have to figure out how to do this. My sister's surgery was successful but I had to leave while she was still experiencing pain. Prayers are appreciated.

The return trip on the train was an adventure. We came through right behind the tornadoes that came through North Carolina last weekend. 10 minutes east of Raleigh we were stopped for over 2 hours while they cleared fallen trees from the tracks. While this sounds boring, it was great fun! I sat in the clubcar with other ladies talking while I knitted and accepted comliments on my work. I had not finished any of the bracelets because I didn't have closures with me so I lost out on sales. Also I was writing my etsy site on napkins for people. Lessons learned I ordered business cards today and I now have a stack of claps which will go with me next time I work on a project in public.

I came back to school and the students actually missed me. The week went fairly fast and Easter sort of sneaked up on me. I had fun with both of my son's families in the past two days.

The rest of this week I will enjoy my grandgirls and play with my crafts, take some photos and maybe even get some blogging done. Friday is a friend's wedding (yes ,that day but this is not the royal wedding) This one will probably be more fun.

I hope to post a slideshow of my new items this week.

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